Community Access Unlimited

CAU fosters independence and gives a voice to youth and adults who traditionally have had little support or recognition in society. We help people with housing, life skills training, vocational skills, employment,
health maintenance, money management, socialization, education, crisis intervention, civic activities and community support. CAU also supports opportunities for advocacy through training in assertiveness,
decision-making and civil rights. CAU offers levels of support tailored to fit each individual’s needs ranging from around-the-clock supervised care to hourly in-home supports in both licensed and unlicensed settings.

About our Members

Since 1979, CAU has been helping people with developmental disabilities live full and productive lives in the community. At CAU, we consider the individuals that we serve as vital members of our organization.
Our members are both male and female ranging in age from 8 to adulthood. They are challenged by a variety of intellectual, neurological, physical, emotional and mental health challenges.

Our members live side by side with people without disabilities in all types of dwellings in urban and suburban neighborhoods that are adjacent to downtown areas and public transportation. CAU owns more than
250 units of housing in Union County, about 30% of which are accessible to people with physical disabilities. All of our homes have back-up generators in case of power outages.

Members work in the community at places like Amazon, ShopRite, Marshalls, Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree, Retro Fitness, Sam’s Club, Target, Swan Motel, White Castle, Trinitas Medical Center and Whitson’s Culinary
Group. Members socialize during day and overnight trips to restaurants, concerts, dances, sports events, New York City, Amish country, Disney World or a Caribbean Cruise, to name a few. CAU offers a social
activity almost every day of the year. Members also worship at local houses of worship, including their choice of Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Unitarian, Hindu or Buddhist faith traditions. CAU maintains strong
relationships with the interfaith community, encouraging exploration of faith in naturally supportive settings.

Individualized Supports

CAU can assist with financial literacy including budgeting, paying bills, planning for purchases, shopping and handling cash at the point of sale. CAU will also support a members desire to be employed by
assisting with career planning, resume writing, job search, interviewing and supportive employment. In addition, we provide opportunities for advocacy and leadership development through our member-run
advocacy groups or consulting and training firm.

To manage an individual's health and well-being, we employ a cadre of nurses, including RN’s, and behaviorists, including board-certified behavior analysts and registered behavior technicians. We also have
Assistive Technology Professionals on staff. In addition, CAU trains staff in basic sign language and sponsors a sign language club for members.

The CAU Advantage

CAU’s mission is to provide community access through a broad array of person-centered support services for adults and adolescents with intellectual and developmental disabilities and at-risk youth aging
out of the child welfare system. We provide more all-encompassing residential and support services than any other agency of our kind in New Jersey. We believe each individual, no matter of ability or need,
should have the opportunity to live independently and have a voice as a productive citizen integrated into the community.

A Robust Recreational Department | Representative Payee Program
The Academy of Continuing Education (ACE)  | Advocacy | Day Program

Fully Ambulatory
Male or female ages mid 40’s to late 60’s
Varying levels of supports
More Pics
Fully ambulatory
Male or Female ages early 40’s to mid 60’s
Varying level of supports
More Pics
Male, non ambulatory or with gait
issues (can utilize a walker)
Non smoker
Age range mid 20’s to mid 40’s
More Pics